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Creative Direction, Planning, Value Creation for Events, Arts and Communication.



Identity Design, UX and UI Design, Web Sites, Social Media, Creative Promotions, Advertising, Promotional Events and Installations, Show Marketing.



Public Art, Art Projects, Contemporary and Innovative Art, Tailor-Made Projects, Installations, Performing Arts, Art Shows, Festivals.

Experiences and Events

Experiences and Events

Tailor-made Experiences, Sensorial Experiences, Eating-Design, Festivals, Events and Exclusive Private Events.


Michela Cinus, Creative Director and Artist, based in Cagliari but itinerant, has 20 years’ experience in the Planning, Management and Coordination for communication, arts and events projects.
Constantly searching for new expressive means to communicate, to enchant and to stimulate emotions, she compares all means of communication, experimenting and searching for the perfect fusion between tradition and innovation, employing a rich variety of media: installations, participatory art, public art, performing arts, photography, video, web and digital, events, exhibitions, and so much more, creating new projects, carefully planned and conceived according to the demands, objectives and targets required.
At the beginning of her career she was part of important projects such as The Wine Museum of Berchidda and Tiscali’s Art channel. After a few years she was appointed head of Graphics and Communication at Codex Multimedia, a company which has for years been active and productive in the Arts, Museums and Events sector. A few years later she felt the need to look for new challenges and to develop her knowledge and seek new horizons. This choice took her to London where she attended professional courses in art, graphics and communication at Central Saint Martins College of Art, in Kensington and Chelsea College, as well as others.
For the last seven years she has been working freelance in Cagliari, constantly developing her expertise with other professionals, artists, clients, businesses and public bodies, managing numerous projects, from small ones managed individually or with a few collaborators to large, working on projects such as the animation of some books by Maria Lai (directed by Francesco Casu and original music by Romeo Scaccia) or the planning and design of the Multimedia Museum Business City (in collaboration with the appointed Multimedia Director and Architect).
In 2015 she founded in cooperation with the Doc Servizi MagLab, network of artists and professionals that offer creative and innovative services.
At present she is involved in communication projects for various businesses, in the International Theater, Art and New Technologies Festival “Le Meraviglie del Possibile” 2nd Edition organization (for Kyberteatro) and in her own projects known as Sea Turtles from the Past and Celebrate in Sardinia.

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Innovative Arts, Communication, Events, Experiences and Creative Projects.

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Sea Turtles from the Past Project

Sea Turtles from the Past Project

Art Project


Innovative Arts and Services
LMDP2 Festival

LMDP2 Festival

Test Pari Opportunità

Test Pari Opportunità

Interactive Campaign
LMDP2 Festival

LMDP2 Festival

Communication Design
Celebrate in Sardinia

Celebrate in Sardinia

Experiences & Events


Michela Cinus, Creative Art Director and Public Artist,
based in Cagliari but itinerant.



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